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“Hämmerli is back!” The Hämmerli match air rifle is now available in a completely new designed version made by Walther. To go with it, there is a complete selection of HÄMMERLI shooting equipment.


The air rifle and shooting equipment are very affordable, making them perfect for talented young people in gun clubs and shooting associations. The German Shooting Federation has given its recommendation.


The AR20 is available in 3 color versions as well as a complete set with shooting clothes.


AR20 Starter Set



AR20 Starter Set

Including match air rifle and equipment:

  • Hämmerli match air rifle AR20 Silver,  AR20 Hot Red or AR20 Deep Blue
  • Hämmerli shooting jacket (in many sizes)
  • Hämmerli shooting pant (in many sizes)
  • Hämmerli shooting shoes (in many sizes)
  • Hämmerli shooting glove (in many sizes)
  • Hämmerli sport bag
  • Hämmerli rifle case



AR20 Match air rifles


AR20 Silver

The standard configuration



AR20 Hot Red

Features as with AR20 Silver, but aluminum system carrier with red/black color blend.



AR20 Deep Blue

Features as with AR20 Silver, but aluminum system carrier with blue/black color blend.




Technical Features

  • 300 bar compressed air system
  • Aluminum stock with a wide range of settings
  • Ambidextrous receiver and stock
  • Variable stock length, cheek piece height and fore-end height
  • T-rail for three-position competitions
  • Adjustable butt plate
  • Ambidextrous cocking piece with release lever
  • Wide loading recess with precision feed
  • Lothar Walther match barrel
  • WALTHER aluminum cylinder with pressure gauge
  • Basic weight less than 4,000 g
  • Includes sight and accessories


Included in shipment:

  • Aluminum cylinder, 300 bar (1x)
  • Standard foresight holder (1x)
  • Plastic aperture 3.8 (1x)
  • Basic competition sight (1x)
  • Stock weight, 200 g each (2x)
  • Universal filling adapter 300 + 200 bar (1x)
  • Tool 1 (1x SW 1.5)
  • Tool 2 (1x SW 2.0)
  • Tool 3 (1x SW 2.5)
  • Tool 4 (1x SW 4.0)
  • Spacers for fore-end and butt stock (8 x 17mm)
  • Screws for spacers, various lengths (4 x 2)


AR20 Light Point rifles


AR20 LTS Hybrid


Two rifles for the price of one. The Hämmerli AR20 LTS Hybrid is thus the ideal rifle for children who want to get started in air rifle sport shooting.

The starter set includes the AR20 without barrel, pressure reducer and cylinder. The Röhm LTS laser module and a dummy cylinder are included, however. Under German weapons law this is not a weapon and can be used by children under 12 years of age. When a child has reached the age of 12, he or she can practice with the air rifle under adult supervision. Now the AR20 can be converted at the factory to a full-fledged match rifle. This costs only slightly more than a complete AR20 match rifle. And what’s more, when the dummy cylinder is inserted, the Röhm LTS laser module can still be used for training or practicing at home.

The Hämmerli AR20 LTS Hybrid can be used with all Röhm LTS
targets and the central display.

Technical Data:

System: Laser class 1
Maximum energy: 4x1,5 V batteries
Stock Stock carrier made of aluminium
Grip right/left
Trigger Two-stage trigger
Sights Basic diopter and standard foresight holder
Sight length (mm) up to 800
Dimensions (L/H/W mm) 1158-1209/230/60
Weight (g) 3400
Engraving Silver



Included in shipment:

  • LTS LaserAdd-on Module (1x)
  • Calibre Pin for Hämmerli AR20 (1x)
  • Rubber butt plate (1x)
  • Butt weight 200 g (2x)
  • Hämmerli Basic sight for Air Rifles
  • Hämmerli Standard foresight holder
  • Plastic aperture 3.8 mm